July 12th, 2008

Manga Me

Alternative Rock/EBM/Darkwave/etc - Mail Order Companies

Since the demise of the wonderful Music Non-Stop I've seen my new CD purchases and new band/music discoveries fall dramactically. Now whilst on one hand this is a good thing - as it's saved me money and I have plenty of music already to keep me occupied - it is not good because the Angus Creature likes to discover new things and also be kept informed when old favourites release new music.

I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations as to good music mail order companies catering for the more darker electronic mindset?

Music Non-Stop were brilliant because they ahd a very easy to use website that also allowed you to hear clips of many of the songs on the albums and also supplied a very good newsletter every week running down the new releases with a bit of info plus tracklistings. Plus the Best Sellers list was also very interesting.

I also know a couple of friends have asked me recently where I'm getting music from as they have been left orphaned by MSN's closure too. So any information will be gratefully received by not only me :)

Cheers and hope everyone has a good weekend!
Old Friend

New Podcast: Atomic Array + New Preorder: Hot War

I was meaning to post about this earlier in the week but have unfortunately been fairly busy with other things.

A friend of mine, Ed Healy (ephealy here on LJ), launched a new Podcast on the 4th July. I knowe a number of you run - or listen - to Podcasts so thought I'd tell you about it so you can have a listen.

It's called Atomic Array and the first podcast talks to another friend of mine, Richard Iorio (mind_of_richard on LJ), about his companies (Rogue Games) Colonial Gothic RPG.

Whilst I'm pimping friends I'd also like to spotlight the new game from Contested Ground Studios called Hot War. Written by Malcolm Craig (rpgactionfigure) and illustrated by Paul Bourne (bloody_art_guy) I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also going to take the opportunity to tell all of you RPGers to go and check out Contested Ground's Cold City RPG which I'm a big fan of.

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Gloomy Bear - Whack!

Mozilla Firefox Problem

Hmm.... just got back from the Fields of the Nephilim gig and logged on to check my mail and Firefox has erased ALL my bookmarks.

Anyone know how I might be able to retrieve them and why Firefox may have done this?

It has happened to me before on an older machine and using an older version of Firefox and on a reasonably regular basis that I stopped using the programme for a while and reverted back to IE. With a new PC I downloaded the new version about 18 months ago and it's been wotrking without a glitch until this evening (and yes, it has been downloading it's upgrades like a good little system).

Any help would be very appreciated (but won;t be read until Sunday morning as I'm off to bed now).

OK. I have used my limited computer-fu and have found a cached file with all the details in. I'm manually entering them all again now though as I couldn;t work out how (or if) I could bulk dump them.

So much for an early-ish night...