July 14th, 2008

Punisher Skull

Alliance & Leicester Customers...

If you have an account with Alliance & Leicester it might be time to start looking around at other accounts and possibilities.

Santander, the company that own the Abbey National, have made a takeover approach for the A+L. From my experience with the Abbey since Santander took over the service, reliability and operation of the bank has gotten to an all time low over the course of my time with them (18 years). If Santander bring the same skills and mindset to A+L if they manage the takeover then the only winners will be competitor banks you can move your business to.

Santander Makes A&L Bid Approach (BBC News; Monday 14th July 2008)
Drawn Tog

BDSM & Dungeons & Dragons

Heh - I didn't expect to see Dungeons & Dragons get quoted in an article about BDSM...

"A lot of the time it's about understanding the language - and what really is going on. Actually, at the end of the day it's just a game - and no more threatening compared to the other games people play, like Dungeons and Dragons, or even going to Star Trek conventions."

Britain's Secretive S&M Scene (BBC News; Monday 14th July 2008)

It continually amuses me that fluffy handcuffs and whips are available in most high streets yet the 'media' and 'moral right' still consider BDSM something which is underground and unusual.
Old Friend

Pathfinder RPG

Ok, having finally downloaded the Alpha Playtest version of the Pathfinder RPG today and skimmed through, albeit quickly, I'd say that it is going to take quite a cut from WotC's D&D market - especially from many of those disenfranchised by 4E.

The game 'looks' so much nicer for a start. The artwork is exciting, vivid and fresh. They have apparently (so I've been told by a number of people) cleaned up several bits from 3.5 and made it a better game (although 3.5 was pretty much fien as it was).

Plus being OGL in itself the Pathfinder game will attract a lot of the third party publishers that aren't wanting to follow, or circumnavigate, WotC with the 4E GSL.

You can download the Alpha Pathfinder RPG Playtest rules free of charge from Paizo's website here (you will need to create an account though).

Cubicle 7

Cubicle 7 Nominated For Best Publisher Ennie 2008 Award

More on this later (you can bet on that) but I found out a couple of hours ago that Cubicle 7 is one of the 2008 Nominee's for "Fan's Choice for Best Publisher"!!!

We haven't got a hope in hell of winning "this year" (you just wiat until next year though - the assualt will begin! :p) but it's incredibly nice to have been nominated.

There's a whole bunch of great companies nominated - amongst them are Alderac Entertainment, Arc Dream, Black Industries, Catalyst, EOS Press, Evil Hat, Exile Game Studios, Green Ronin, Mongoose, Paizo, Pelgrane, Pinnacle, Red Brick, Steve Jackson, Troll Lord, White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast.

Wizards won last year (with Green Ronin runners-up) - this year I strongly suspect Paizo will be up in the top two.

I feel a bit guilty about pimping ourselves when voting begins on 21st July as we've not really started our release schedule in any major way as yet. Certainly from August this year for the next 12 months it's going to be pretty packed - and there is some really good stuff coming through - but the only things we've actually released under Cubicle 7 so far are Hunter Sheets and Cannibal Sector One for SLA Industries and the preview run of Victoriana 2nd Edition. Plus we organised Dragonmeet and the Gameforce Club Days in London.

In the next few months we'll be seeing the full release of Victoriana 2nd Edition plus the Faulkners supplement and maybe even Faces in the Smoke, Hunter Sheets 2 for SLA Industries, Starblazer Adventures plus hopefully a Players Guide, the QIN GM Screen, Doctor Who and maybe a surprise of two along with some definite surprise announcements between GenCon and Dragonmeet :p

Anyway, it's brilliant that we've been nominated and please consider coting for us when the polls open on 21st July.

I'll post more later :)