July 15th, 2008

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Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Episodes 1-3

Ok, despite my reservations about battlestar Galactica Seasons 1 & 2 I still acved and picked up Season 3 and Razor last week as they were pretty cheap. They arrived over the weekend at work so I picked them up yesterday and managed to go to bed before midnight and treated myself to what was going to be a single episode before sleep. Three episodes later it was a real struggle to switch off the dvd player and not watch the last of the episodes on Disc 1.

My god, Season 3 is brilliant so far. Most of my criticism about the earlier seasons is gone. Colonel Tigh is brilliant in his 'terrorist leader' guise and incredibly brutal. The whole suicide bombers and terrorist campaign the humans wage is also very interesting and I am amazed that such a popular US TV series has that story arc centered around it's "heroes".

Anyway, Season 3 has really got me looking forward to watching the next episode, and the next, and the next...etc. I'm very glad I'm watching these on DVD though as I can watch several in one sitting as the cliffhanger endings would probably kill me if I had to wait a whole week before seeing the next episode. Coming into TV series late has its advantages in places :p
Manga Me

Wanted: Pathfinder #2: The Skinsaw Murders

Hi folks,

I'm after a copy of Paizo's "Pathfinder #2: The Skinsaw Murders". I've managed to track the others down either in the store (working at a games store has some uses ;p) or through ebay but I'm still missing this issue. It's annoying as I obviously had plenty of time to pick it up when it was released and sitting on our magazine rack but I had determined not to start buying it for collections sake - especially as I already have WAY too many books and games and rarely play d20.

But things change and I kinda want it as reference material as much as anything else.

So, do any of you have a spare copy, know of a copy sitting on the shelves of your local store (or even your store as I know a few other game store owners/workers are amongst my friends list and readers)? Or even the Paizo folk who read this (although you are showing the print copy of #2 as out of stock on your website so this one is fairly unlikely :p.

If you do please drop me a line on angus @ cubicle7.co.uk and we'll work something out.

Failing everything I might opt for a PDF copy in the interim whilst I continue looking for a print copy.

Thanks for any help!


Oh, yeah, this is what it looks like: (any old excuse to post up pretty art :p)