July 18th, 2008

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Dr Horrible & The Watchmen

Ok, my LJ here at work seems to playing up so I don;t get my usual 'Post An Entry' Screen so can' currently do links and stuff... so they'll have to wait until later.

But just wanted to say two things...

1. Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - OMG. Fantastic. Joss Whedon is a genius.

2. The Watchmen Trailer - Looks F**king Fantastic, I can't wait :D

That is all. Hopefully I'll be able to post links when I get home and can share the love (although I know some of you have been watching Dr Horrible's blog already as I've seen you post your own comments and I've also seen links to the Watchmen trailer crop up today :p).
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Watchman Trailer and Dr Horrible Links

Here's the links I promised earlier...

The Watchmen Trailer

And Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog can be FOUND HERE and Acts 1 and 2 HERE, Act 3 goes live tomorrow (Saturday 19th July) and then they all get taken down late on Sunday (20th July) so watch them (or download them in itunes) quick! - but that's not enough for you. Here's the Teaser Trailer too...

I have a theory about the third act which I've shared with Sean and Dave at work. I'll be waiting the upload of Act 3 tomorrow to see if I'm right :)
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What the Earth looks like to Alien Astronomers...

I say this article earlier but couldn't post the link and video from work so saved it until now. It's odd seeing the Moon fly-by :p

From the New Scientist website:

"What would Earth look like to alien astronomers? If they had access to telescopes far more powerful than our own, it might look a lot like what the Deep Impact spacecraft recently saw from its vantage point 50 million kilometres away.

Over the course of one Earth day in May, the spacecraft snapped images every 15 minutes to produce a movie of the Moon gliding in front of our home planet, whose swirling clouds and continents rotated in and out of view."

What would Earth look like to alien astronomers? (New Scientist; Friday 18th July 2008)