July 26th, 2008

Junk Baby - Viscous Sydney

Fantasy Moguls Update

I have one Studio's season coming to a close and another Studio entering into Week 4 of the next season in Fantasy Moguls - the online Fantasy Film Studio game which is played in the same way as Fantasy Football, but dealing with what's on at the Silver Screen!

With one week to go The Phantom Syndicate is currently 2nd out of 28 Studios in it's League - plus I have one more film to open this weekend which will hopefully keep my earnings and ratings up for the close of the season. The last film on my slate is the new X-Files film so I have my fingers crossed for a raesonable showing. I'm 9.5 points behind the leader (Murphworld) but they had a weeks head start on me as I joined the season late - but saying that, we're both beating a number of studios which started the season two weeks before that so are doing pretty well to have caught up and clinging on to the top two spots!

My second studio in a Legaue that only started a few weeks ago is the imaginatively titles Cubicle 7 Entertainment - can't think where I got that name from :p. Anyway, coming into Week 4 I'm currently flying high in 1st place with points of spare and 3 of my 6 seasons films now released (Hellboy 2, Dark Knight and Space Chimps). My other three releases this Season are Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Babylon AD and Bangkok Dangerous - so we'll see where I end up come the end of September - although this week I scored the top marks in every catagory so fingers crossed for a similiar showing in this League compared to the one now ending!

Anyway, I need coffee. Catch you guys and gals in LJ-land later and hope you all have a great weekend!