July 31st, 2008

Old Friend

Starblazer Adventures - PDF Released and #3 in RPGNow's Top 100!

We released Starblazer Adventures on PDF yesterday afternoon on RPGNow.com and Paizo (Paizo late last night) and this morning we have managed to climb to #3 in RPGNow's Hot 100 List (The Dungeons & Dragons 4E PHB and Monster Manual are beating us with the Dungeon masters Guide behind us in the #4 spot).

This is great news and pretty amazing considering we haven't even really started shouting about it yet (we were going to start once the new Cubicle 7 Store is properly up and running (hopefully later this afternoon) and we have the pre-order deals for the 632 page Hardcover ($50.00 / £26.99) up and running.

I would post links but for some reason Live Journal's "Post An Entry" is all screwed at work so that will also have to wait until I'm home.

But #3 on the Top 100 Hottest Items! Yay! Well done Chris, Fred and crew!
Cubicle 7

Cubicle 7 Web Store - Live!!!

The newly revamped Cubicle 7 Web Store is now live and along with it is the first opportunity to pre-order the Starblazer Adventures Hardcover Rulebook for when it's released in early October!

All pre-orders will be getting a complimentary PDF copy of the Rules (the PDF worth $35 by itself) which will be sent out to people from Monday onwards (basically as soon as I'm back from Continuum this weekend).

Anyway, I now have to rush up to Leicester for the convention. Hope everyone has a great weekend and catch you all upon my return!