August 22nd, 2008

Old Friend

New Phones

The shop got new phones whilst I was away in America.

This in itself is good (the old phone on my desk kept getting its wires in a twist and caught in my hair so I'm very glad of a new wireless slinky and sexy looking phone).

The unnerving thing is that the ring is the same that I seem to get in many hotels. So every time the phone goes off it makes me think of the early morning 'Wake Up' calls I usually set. That is not a nice thing as I equate that noise to being rudely awoken at some god awful hour or after late night partying when all I want to do is continue sleeping...
Old Friend

Delphine on Facebook

Poor girl, after our conversation last night Delphine has now joined Facebook.

I know a numbr of you guys and gals knew her when she lived in London and are also on Facebook so if you're inclined to please send her a friend request and make her life hell ;p
Old Friend

Leisure Games on Facebook...

Oh yeah, I also started up a leisure Games Fan Page on Facebook yesterday afternoon too. Currently have 27 fans already (thank you!) but I know there are more of you out there... or atleast I hope there are :p