August 24th, 2008

Cubicle 7

Cubicle 7 in the Press...

The lovely guys at Steve Jackson Games, and most notably shooting partner Paul Chapman, have made two mentions of Cubicle 7 and/or our products in todays Daily Illuminator AND Steve Marsh is writing up his experience of one of the GenCon Doctor Who Demo's for inclusion in their Pyramid Magazine :)

What We Saw (Daily Illuminator 24th August; Steve Jackson Games)

Plus Critical Hits wrote a nice piece about us a couple of days ago... Preview: Doctor Who RPG and Starblazer Adventures RPG from Cubicle 7 Entertainment - complete with some pictures of our booth at GenCon!

AND ICv2 carried a little interview by me last Tuesday (Cubicle 7 Plans "Doctor Who RPG";; Tuesday 19th Augsut 2008)

Andy, Chris and myself did a number of interviews and podcasts over the four days of GenCon so keep an eye out for other news snippets appearing around the web for us :)

Right, back to work for me!
Sisters of Mercy

Marian covers - Scooter & Nouvelle Vague

Thanks to s0b for bringing this cover to my attention.

It's the unlikely match up of Scooter (yes, the dance band) covering The Sisters of Mercy's "Marian"...

Now whilst I'm on 'Marian' covers I suppose I also really have to post Nouvelle Vague's brilliant cover of the song too. Ok, it may be my overly blatant attempt to bring the mention of Nouvelle Vague back to my Journal but really... why not?