August 25th, 2008

Old Friend

GenCon UK...

Who is going to GenCon UK next week?

I was originally going to give it a complete miss but I'm now contemplating going their after the wedding on Saturday afternoon and possibly booking a rioom over night and going home on Sunday. I have to pass through Reading on my way back from Oxford anyway so could just hop off the train and then get a ticket for the Reading-London leg the next day.

I have a few people that I'd really like to catch up (business and socially) who are there so it would kind of make sense for me to pop by. Plus Cubicle 7, although we don't have a trade presence this year, are running a variety of demo games over the weekend so it'd be good for me to catch up with Roger and the demo crew and say thanks and hi.

Haven't 100% decided as yet but the possibility is now on the cards.

So, who amongst you will be there?