September 5th, 2008

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Scientist says doomsayers are twats...

May as well party like it's the end of the world this weekend ... just incase :p

But I did like Prof Brian Cox (of Manchester University) comment "Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a t***." :p

So, next Wednesday it is then...

Scientists get death threats over Large Hadron Collider (Daily Telegraph; Friday 5th September 2008) -

(Link provided as I can't seem to post hypertext links properly from the work computer...)
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InnerPartySystem, Pendulum and Shop Thoughts...

There's a raeson I wanted to get Sky back complete with all the music channels. I've missed being able to stumble across new bands and, rarely listening to any radio stations (hah! if we had any *decent* radio stations...), I've not got many routes into new music apart from endlessly browsing myspace and the net in the rare hope of finding something I like... and we all know I don't have any time to do that anymore!!!

I've already been enjoying channel hopping (ok, mainly MTV 2, MTV Dance, Scuzz and NME) and have found a few new things and refound some older things but this evening I stumbled across a band I'd never heard of before and *really* liked.

They're called InnerPartySystem and the video below is called Don't Stop.

</lj-embed>I've been completely shattered this week and productivity has been very low (too low).  Sean, David and myself stayed late at the shop this evening and I introduced them to Incan Gold (which is a fantastic card game zencadet introduced me to at Continuum last month). It is a really good, fun and quick card game for 3-8 players. I believe Dave is writing up a review for the leisuregames blog on Sunday. We also had a quick run through of AEG's new fantasy boardgame 'Tomb' as we received a demo copy and Dave took it home to read through so he could tell us all about it. We also came up with some very cool plans for Leisure Games 25th Birthday in a couple of years which we'll probably start working on in the next few months.

I have my first weekend off and at home for over a month this week. I need it. Although much of the weekend is going to be working and catching up on things I'm out for Becky's birthday drinks tomorrow night and then off to my Mum's for lunch on Sunday. I may feel knackered but I have a good feeling about this weekends potential productivity. Let's hope it materialises!!!

Hope you all have a great one if I don't talk to you before or during!!!

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(Film) Max Payne

Oh yeah, before I forget, I managed to sneak off work early and catch Hellboy 2 - a treat for Natasha's birthday - and also Babylon A.D. Hellboy 2 had some very nice bits but overall i think I preferred the first installment. Babylon A.D. had some nice ideas/scenic shots of a ravaged Earth  near future but overall wasn't a great film and the ending sucked.

But the reason why I mention these is because I caught the trailer for Max Payne. Now I don;t know *anything* about the computer game (I even had to ask someone to check it *was* a computer game) but the trailer has made me really want to see it. I've no idea what the bird creatures are in it but they look very cool.

So, for my final post of the day, I feel it's only fair to share and give you guys and girls a look at the trailer too... Hope you enjoy it!