September 13th, 2008


Tired Man Walking...

I'm officially shattered.

I worked today in the shop covering people as leisuregames  has a weekend convention over in Newbury called Colours. It's a wargames show with a really good reputation that we've not tried before. We looked at it about 15-20 years ago but they were always booked up for traders and then out of the blue they contacted us this year.

Anyway, as both Mike and Dave were at the show (along with Cole - one of our part-timers) I was running the store with Paul (another part-timer). Having had a nasty migrane earlier in the week and working most evenings on Cubicle 7 and Dragonmeet stuff I think I was still not 100%. When I got home this evening I collapsed on my bed and didn't wake up until about 9.45. Enough time to grab a couple of sandwiches, say hi to the housemates plus Becky and check email, LJ, the news, etc. I'm seriously considering heading back to bed very shortly and either just crashing out again or maybe popping on a dvd to watch or fall asleep to.

I'm planning on getting a full days C7/DM work in tomorrow as I've still got a fair bit of backlog I want to try and clear before I head to Belgrade in Serbia on Wednesday for a week. I will have internet access over there though so should be able to atleast keep on top of new email and the important things like LJ and Facebook :p

Right, time to go and figrue out what I'm doing tonight. If indeed I'm doing anything...

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