September 25th, 2008

Old Friend

Back at work...

Overslept and was late for work this morning. Good way to start your first day back from holiday :p

Have tons of stuff here to do - and tons more at home this evening for Dragonmeet and Cubicle 7.

I'd really like to escape this evening and go for a drink at the Sluts meet but I'm not sure if I can allow myself the time just now. I'll see how the day goes and also how I feel later on. If I'm just going to be worn out and staring blankly at a screen not being able to do anything I may as well go and recharge my batteries and be social. If I'm feeling more awake then I'll get on and blitz a load of work.
Old Friend


Hmmm... my Firefox browser doesn't seem to want to let me write any posts in RichText for LJ as the text box for it disappears completely whenever I try to switch it from the HTML section it's been inexplicably defaulted too. I can only access this update page in it's proper format using Internet Explorer (which I kept on the computer but never use anymore - apart from possibly having to use for LJ updates from now on it seems...).

I hope this has nothing to do with the Firefox Update it uploaded earlier today. Grrr... if it is. But hey, not the end of the world and I can still post :)

Anyway, I've been listening to a fair bit of Flobots recently. They are an alternative US hip-hop/rock band with a very strong political message. So if you don't like mixing politics (especially strong socialist politics) and anti-war sentiments with music they are most certainly not the band for you to listen to. 

If you do however, and like hip-hop/rock then please feel free to give them a listen...

Unfortunately their 'Rise' song isn't available on YouTube for embedding and only available to be linked directly to so you'll have to follow THIS LINK to watch and listen to that one.

Handlebars however is available on Youtube so here it is...


Whilst I'm at it here is Eminem's "Mosh" which he released a month before the last US Presidencial elections in 2004.