September 26th, 2008

Old Friend

Weekend Ahoy!

Sadly not so "Ahoy!" for me. I'm working in Milton Keynes at a convention this Saturday (Concrete Cow for those who are interested in coming along) and probably in the shop catching up on a load of paperwork on Sunday. In the downtime from that I'll be catching up on Cubicle 7/Dragonmeet mails and some planning.

I 'WILL' however be making it down to Dingwalls in Camden for the Diary of Dreams gig on Sunday evening. I need to treat myself atleast a little this weekend. I may also be opting for a cinema visit to see Tropic Thunder on Sunday morning (10.30am) but will confirm that later for those that may be interested in joining me.

Next week is also looking busy. As I'm working on Sunday I have the Wednesday off but that will be spent partially down at Olympia for the Licensing Expo that's taking place on Wednesday/Thursday next week. Both the BBC and DC Thompson who we have existing announced licenses with are at the show and I have a quick meeting scheduled with the Beeb and also want to drop a softcover copy of Starblazer Adventures off at the DC booth so they can display that. Chris is at the show on Thursday checking out licenses for his Joystick Junkies firm and also having a meeting with DC Thompson about our future plans re: Starblazer et al.

We will have softcover copies of both Starblazer Adventures and Victoriana 2nd Edition at Concrete Cow this weekend as the remians of our softcover GenCon preview print runs have arrived from the States along with copies of Contrxct Directory for SLA Industries which has been out of print for the last year or two (Chaosium, of all people, found a few hundred copies of it in their warehouse from years ago when Wizards Attic - our then agents under Hogshead Publishing - went under). Contract Directory should also start appearing with distributors and back in stores in the next few weeks too.

Any copies of the two new books left over from Concrete Cow will then be appearing at Gamefest 3 in Tring, Hertfordshire next Saturday.

We're also starting gaming again next Tuesday after our summer break. Kicking off with a boardgame or two whilst we chat about what to play. Continuing our Dark Heresy game is one option although starting a Call of Cthulhu game is proving a popular idea. I'd also like to play some Victoriana so we'll see what we end up deciding upon.

Anyway, back to work for me...