October 8th, 2008

Old Friend

(no subject)

I don't know - I spend the evening replying to emails about various things and people keep sending me MORE mails to reply to. Both in response to mails plus NEW mails.

How am I suppose to play catch-up when I'm finishing the evening with seemingly more than I started with???

Plus I seem to have (potentially) landed myself in a really interesting position without having really planned for it.

Life can be weird like that sometimes.

Anyway, in my age old request to any passing djinn please could you grant me more time please? A few extra hours each day, a few extra days each week, etc - you know the score. Oh, and some more money would be nice not to mention my own personal harem (hey - it's ok, I'm happy to share and for it to be mixed so there's something for everyone!). Oh yeah, and world peace and stuff like that...
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