October 18th, 2008

Old Friend

GAME 08 - Manchester Request (plus Rockworld Outing!)

I'm in Manchester from Friday 31st October to the evening of Sunday 2nd November for GAME '08.

I have a couple of requests and an invite.

Request 1 - Transportation
Is anyone from London or the South East heading to the convention. Andy, who usually drives and helps out on the stand, is unable to attend due to his rela life work commitments so I'm looking at ways of getting both myself and the Cubicle 7 stock to the show. If anyone is heading that way on the Friday and has got space for a bunch of boxes in their boot and back seats plus a passenger seat going free please let me know. I do have a back up plan so if no one is travelling up from my general region it's not a disaster.

Request 2 - Staff
Is anyone from the Manchester area available to help out on part or whole of either the Saturday or the Sunday of the Convention with assisting me manning the Cubicle 7 Booth? As our usual sales force are unavailable (Andy, Chris and Cole are all busy, Dom has a house warming, Jasmina is no longer in the country and Marc is running games for us at the show all weekend) I'm in need of a helper. Knowledge of our games is a plus but not essential as it'd just be nice to have someone to help me out and allow me toilet breaks and to do food runs every so often.

Invite 1 - ROCKWORLD on Friday Night!
A bunch of us are foolishly going to Jilly's Rockworld on the Friday before the convention (which also happens to be Halloween :p). Not sure if this is a totally wise idea as I have to be at the stand at 8am the next morning but hey - why not aim to feeling like death warmed up and impressing all the customers!!!
So if any of you Manchester folk want to come and party please let me know and I'll see you there!!!!