November 5th, 2008

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Sleep. Now. For Real.

Yeah, well... ahem... I know I posted about two hours ago saying I was heading to bed but...well... you know... things happen... you get glued to the TV news for some reason... two of your other housemates are also up... then one goes to bed because she's a wimp and has to record a radio show tomorrow and figures she needs some sleep... so there's two of us glued to not only the TV news but also the laptop keeping track of things... we get to see John Bolton and Simon Schama discuss politics and John Bolton have an arguement with a BBC reporter based in McCains Phoenix HQ... still glued watching the predictions come in as various states are called... time ticks on.... my housemate doesn't have work tomorrow... I do... I have to call it quits soon but remember four years ago when I went to bed with Kerry having a firm lead and woke up to find Bush had somehow won... dare I sleep... could I sleep?...But I need to be up in four hours...Ohio is called... New Mexico is called... I do some maths...look at remaining States... I *think* it's safe to go to sleep... I will try... will I suceed?... we'll find out...but I think America is about to make history... just hope it lasts and works out well for everyone...goodnight...
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History in the making

Ok, so another 1 hour 40 minutes has past since my 'goodnight for real' post and I'm still here.

It's now incredibly safe for me to sleep. Just saw McCains concession speach and unfortunately really can't stay up to see Obama's victory speach, as much as I may want to. I have to be up in about 3 hours for work so I've already overstayed my election viewing by several hours.

It was great to see history being made though and I look forward to the world of tomorrow. All it's troubles, it's hopes, it's difficulties and dreams.

Goodnight and well done America for voting for a change from the last eight years and, hopefully, a very different futrue.
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Still Smiling

Well, I did wake up slightly later than planned but am in work, have had breakfast and am having coffee.

Browsed my friends list and it seems that either my F-List is overwhelmingly pro-Obama or the pro-McCain side of affairs are keeping very quiet. I've only seen one post in the last few days supporting McCain and the general feeling on my F-List is one of overwhelming relief, support and praise towards the American people for voting Obama as President Elect.

Me, well I'm still smiling from last night :)
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Highlander Blashphemy....

Just been going through the list of film releases for 2009 and amongst all the bloody remakes (next year really is the 'Year of the Remake') I stumbled across a remake of the original 1986 Highlander film!!!!


The original was fantastic but the sequals were appalling - especially #3 which was basically a remake of the first film (well - pretty much same dialogue and scene layout). We don't need a remake!

Mind you we don't really need remkes of any of the following either (and this isn't the comprehensive list...):

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Capricorn One
Children of the Corn
Clash of the Titans
The Crazies
Escape From New York
Flash Gordon*
He-Man & The Masters of the Universe
The Long Good Friday
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Red Dawn
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Short Circuit
Friday the 13th

Mind you there are also some interesting new films coming out (Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman being one) and some good sequels or continuations of existings lines (including two new X-Men spinoffs , Cloverfield 2 and Transformers 2).

* = ok, I am keen on seeng a remake of Flash Gordon because I love pulp sci-fi :p
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Michael Crichton RIP

Blimey. Michael Crichton died today.

I read a few of his books years ago and have seen some of the films based upon his work over the years. I didn't think he was a great author by any means, and many of his views and opinions were quite suspect (to say the least in some areas such as the environment) but he was a well known figure and had name recognition.

I enjoyed some of his work (Andromeda Strain was amongst the favourites of mine as a teenager) and was annoyed by others.

RIP Michael Crichton.