November 23rd, 2008


Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Doctor Who is 45 years old today.

The BBC gave birth to the series on 23rd November 1963 at 5.15pm.

Will we get an announcement this afternoon to celebrate it's borthday about the upcoming new Doctor who is replacing David Tennant at the end of the 2009 Specials?

Some people seem to think so but I doubt it. I don't think we'll hear anything for a few months more - but we'll see, I could be wrong.

Dave Chapman (our lead writer and designer on the Doctor Who RPG) is heading down to the BBC's Image Archives this week - fully loaded with more external Hard-drive space than we have on any of the computers in the entire house and office combined - and the latest Style Guide has been released and passed our way by the Beeb so we can start the layout process according to their latest specifications.

It's great to be in the final stages of the project. I really can't wait to see the game published and in the stores with people playing it. Of course things don't stop once the game is off to the printers as there are all the supplements waiting in the wings.

We're running some demo games of Doctor Who at Dragonmeet next week (Saturday 29th November) and Dave Chapman will be down for the show for a few hours to answer any questions people may have about the game.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORCTOR WHO! I look forward to the next 45 years...

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Goodbye Lulu...

I think Lulu have now priced themselves out of the market for me and my buying habits.

I'd seen some discussions on a number of forums (publisher and consumer) about the Lulu price rises and shipping costs but didn't really pay too much attention to it. I was on their site this evening to pick up a printed copy of a new book a friend is releasing and wanted me to have a look over for him (I got a free PDF of it to look over but prefer physical copies). Needless to say I found a number of other games I fancied buying at the same time and got over to check out with a modest £36.45 worth of books - to find out that postage would now cost me £71.53 for a total of £107.98!!!!!

Lulu can F**k right off if they think I'll be happy paying that (and it was the only shipping option they gave me).

I sent them the below question...

Dear Lulu,
How come your postage has increased so much?
It was over double the cost of my prespective order (order = £36.45 postage = £71.53)!
Have you shut down your UK and European printers and only operating one out of Outer Mongolia or some far flung Asteroid field? That's the only reason I can think of for such prohibitive postage costs.
Please let me know when/if these charges are changing or if this is going to be standard costings from now on with Lulu?
Many thanks,
Angus Abranson
Publisher, Writer, Retailer and Customer

I don't think I'll be using, or recommending Lulu again unless something significant changes :(
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London Clubland...

Hmmm... sounds like something interesting could be a foot in London's Alternative/Rock Clubland.

More news on Tuesday once the official announcement comes through...
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