December 4th, 2008

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(Trailer) Star Trek XI

Overall I enjoy the new Star Trek Trailer (and this is from someone who DOESN'T LIKE STAR TREK - but I've been hearing from other Trek-neutrals and anti-Trekkers that the new Trek film also has them intersted so I think it is going to be absolutely massive when it's released).

But one thing has been bothering me about it. Simon Pegg as Scotty I thought was a great idea but OMG his accent sucks. His accent in this trailer (and hopefully he'll be better in the overall film) reminded me overwhelmingly of another comedy character - Pippin from Lord of the Rings. Scotty sounds like Pippin.

Listen for yourself...
Star Trek XI

Generally speaking the trailer looks fab though.
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New London Club Night!


Our very first night in the EPIC Shepherds Bush Empire venue.
2 Rooms of pure, undiluted awesome for your enjoyment.

We'll be running Redeemer in the main room, and playing the best mix of Alternative, Rock and Metal (see the main group page for info), and we'll be having Autonomy in the second room blasting out only the most awesome EBM / Industrial / Rhythmic Noise / Shranz/HardStyle

We'll put some more info up closer to the time.
For now, you can have a look at these:

MySpace (Leicester):
MySpace (London):
FaceBook Group:

Website & MySpace:


Redeemer is a great club night in Leicester and is intending on bringing the fun to the Capital! :)
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Angus Itinery This Weekend

I can tell it's now post-Dragonmeet because I'm actually have a social and active weekend for the first time in... in.... er.... I can't remember the last time I was properly out and about so let's just leave it as 'a very long time' shall we...?

Friday night will see me treading the floors of Inferno at The Electric Ballroom after hitting The Dev for one or two mood enhancers.

Saturday night you'll find me at The Astoria in the early hours of the night for the IAMX gig where I'll probably be populating the guest area and staying out of the sweaty pit infront of the stage - I hate to admit I'm getting older but a nice seat overlooking the stage without being sardined and being able to drink is a nice creature comfort these days. Following from the IAMX show we'll be heading across the street to Club Sin for the Aftershow party and to see The Sohodolls which I'm really looking forward to.

I know a few of you are at one or the other (of both) shows so will no doubt bump into some of you on Saturday night and others on Friday.

I had been hoping to go and see Nouvelle Vague this evening at The Forum but have still got a bit of the lingering cold I had earlier this week so opted for a night in. Spent most of it chatting to combinations of Dave, Ray, Natasha and Richard or a couple of friends on the phone so been fairly relaxed. Started watching Iron Man (for the fifth or sixth time) with the others downstairs over dinner but have made by exit so I can send out a bunch of outstanding PDFs for Starblazer Adventures and Victoriana 2nd Ed for customers who pre-ordered the books over the last few days.

Plus it gives me the chance to listen to the rest of the Blaqk Audio CD, play some Sohodolls and load up the rest of the Juno Reactor and Assemblage 23 CDs that arrived recently (plus the new Zombina & The Skeletons CD) from Music Non-Stop in the last week.

Please come out and say hi if you're about town this weekend. It'll be good to catch up with people!
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(RPG) Most Eagerly Anticipated RPG Release in 2009

Well...hopefully in 2009 anyway!

Now admittedly I don't know the full schedule of everyones releases as yet but for me so far (and for the last 2+ years since hearing about the project) the game I am SO wanting to see is Evil Hat's 'The Dresden Files RPG' based upon the novels by Jim Butcher.

I absolutely love the world setting, the background and the characters. For me it's a great alternative to the World of Darkness and in many ways what I wish the World of Darkness could have been. The background on the Vampire Courts, the Fae, the Magicans order and conflict between the Infernal and the Holy, the whole package is fantastically thought out and so alluring.

I am certainly addicted to the novels - and have read in the last couple of weeks 'Welcome to the Jungle' (the graphic novel that Jim Butcher wrote) plus Backup which is a novellette based upon one of the other characters in the sereis he also wrote - and am currently watching Season One of the TV series on DVD. The TV series doesn't have a patch on the books themselves but is pretty good in its own right. I can understand certain changes they put in for the show and some of the episodes so far would make good little adventures in a RPG even if there isn't enough depth in them to become a full story.

It's safe to say that I'm very jealous of Fred and co for being able to work on and publish The Dresden Files RPG and I can't wait to see it in print so I can have a copy gracing my shelves and even (shock horror) try and get a campaign started.
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