December 12th, 2008

Old Friend

Generation Gaps

I sometimes forget that I'm getting older and there are people much younger than me who haven't heard of Bettie Page or The Cure (???).

Sean's not at work so it's just myself, David and Kara until he gets in at midday (it's Mike's day off). When I mentioned Bettie Page's death earlier neitehr of them had heard of her. Then I put The Cure's new CD on (which sounds pretty good on the first listen) and Kara had never heard of The Cure (but does admit they sound familiar so I think she'll recognise Love Cats or some other big hit that gets played on the raido).

It's days like these that remind me that I'm not as young as I used to be and that a whole new generation has been born that has a completely different set of reference points.
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