December 26th, 2008

Old Friend

That was Christmas... now for 2009...

Christmas Day was chilled. Played a couple of games of both Cash & Guns and Incan Gold with the family plus Katie's boyfriend (won one game of each too!). Ate possibly way too much - felt as stuffed as the turkey was by the time I left last night.

It was a very relaxed affair, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I played on a Wii for the first time  - a few circuits of Super Mario Cart which i was soundly trounched by Dominique and Paul as they both have Wii's and seem to practice a fair bit by the sound of things (especially Dominque it seems...).

I'm popping down to Hammersmith in a few minutes to drop something off with Jasmina's aunt as they have visitors which can take it back to Serbia for her. Then it's back home and a relatively restful evening before returning to work tomorrow. I'll be at The Big Red tomorrow evening with assorted bodies and then off to my mothers to set-up the new computer Dominique and I brought her for Christmas. Then Sunday evening Dom's coming over to go through some of the Cubicle 7 accounts. Then Monday is here again and it's back into work as usual... mind you I have four days off over New Year and am looking forward to some prolonged no-prior-commitment time off :)

Had a couple of interesting things come through this week. Before Christmas I got a commission through for an essay in a forthcoming book (which I think is being released next August). It's only a short piece but it'll be the first bit of paid wriitng I've done for someone other than my own projects for sometime. The last non-Cubicle 7 release that had me in the credits was Out of the Box's "Apples to Apples British Isles Edion" and that was a couple of years ago now so it's been a bit overdue in getting myself back out there (although admittedly I've been fairly preoccupied with our own stuff). More on that later though when I see a press release about the project.

Today I've received an email about another proposal I've been involved in putting together (non Cubicle 7) and it's pretty much a preliminary 'yes'. So we're going to be sorting through contracts and, I suspect, will be ready for a press release in early/mid-January. It i something I've mentioned as in the works before (although not by name) and is one of the two big(ish) announcements that will have a big impact on me in 2009 (although I might bump that to three big(ish) announcements soon if some other plans I've being playing with come together and look like a viable proposition both finanace and time-wise).

Anyway, better put some shoes on and head out into the chilly London air. Certainly a lot fresher out there today than it has been over the last week.

Cathc you all laters and hope you had a good time yesterday!
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