January 9th, 2009

Old Friend

Back to life...

The New Scientist this week has a very interesting article on what extinct species are most likely to be considered to be brought back to life as, and when, the technology to do so becomes reality.

Ten Extinct Beasts That Could Walk The Earth Again (New Scientist; Wednesday 7th January 2009)

Whilst I'd love to see the Sabre-Toothed Tiger, Giant Beaver or Short-Faced Bear in the flesh I'd like to see the in controlled environments. I guess the Dodo would probably be the least offensive back in the wild. After resurrecting the poor Gorilla and other species currently here which will probably be gone by the time the technology is available as we can already map their DNA and keep tissue and bone samples from living specimens now as opposed to playing with long dead relics.

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Old Friend

(Film Trip) Role Models @ 11.20am Saturday 10th January @ North Finchley VUE

Ok, ok...I know this is very last minute notice and I'm almost certainly seeing this one solo but I've decided to go and see 'Role Models' tomorrow morning at 11.20am at the North Finchley VUE.

If anyone else fancies coming along feel free to meet me outside the cinema at about 11.10am.

I was moving towards going to Defiance - the new Daniel Craig WW2 resistance film - but am sad to say that the Role Models has blind sided me into wanting to see it. Not usually being into comedy this film has a number of actors/actresses from the type of comedies that I do enjoy (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, Superbad, etc) plus has a Live Roleplay element to the plot so i figured what the hell :p