January 10th, 2009

Old Friend

Sound of 2009: Florence and the Machine

The BBC ran there 'Sound of 2009' last week - running down the Top Five acts that they reckon will be breaking into the charts over the next tweleve months. They've had great success before now with a whole host of household names being tipped by them before they became big such as Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, 50 Cent and last yer both Adele and Duffy (who had the Number 1 and 2 positiions).

It's certainly worth a look for anyone who enjoys new music and a variety of styles. (BBC's Sound of 2009 Special Feature)

This year seems to be in danger of becoming the 'Year of the Synth' - with a lot of 80's inspired synth pop music being featured and touted. La Rous (whom I've posted about before here and also featured her 'Quicksand' video over on my radio_infinity  blog last week) is so 80's it's heard to believe it's actually a new track with a 19 year old singer - especially as the video takes so many 80's cliches and colour schemes.

Little Boots topped this years poll - and she is very talented (even though I think she looked WAY better with black hair - but then, I guess, I am biased :p) - but one artist who is getting a lot of attention and buzz (and not only from actualsean  who seems to have developed a major crush on her) is Florence and the Machine who came third in the listing. I've posted her current single. "Dog Days Are Over" on radio_infinity  just now but thought I'd post her debut single, "Kiss With A Fist", from June 2008 here.