January 13th, 2009

Old Friend

(Trailer) Outlander

I was talking about this film with someone a few weeks ago but somehow forgot it was coming out until mrtonylee  posted the trailer for it today.

I've always liked mixing genres and playing with alternative histories so a film set in the Viking Era when an alien spaceship crashes is obviously right up my street :D

Old Friend

Srecna Nova Godina!

Srecna Nova Godina - or Happy New Year - to all of my Serbian friends!

I know most of them are actually on my Facebook but just incase some stop by here too :p

I still find it weird that their Christmas and New Years Eve/Day are two weeks behind the ones we have in the UK/US/most of the world. That's the Julian calendar for you though.

Anyway, Srecna Nova Godina! I hope the New Year is a good one!