January 15th, 2009

Old Friend


I had a fantastic set of dreams last night. Some fairly surreal, others very realistic.

I can probably break them down into three distincts sets.

The first involved a late night tube train and meeting a lovely Russian girl.

The second, most surreal, involved Monty, Mel and me.

The third was on a semi-tropical island and involved a terrorist/pirate camp taken up refuge in the local pub complex, military action and me trying to save my baby.

I feel a bit robbed, with a part of me missing, now I've woken up and realised that they didn't actually happen in this world though.
Manga Me

Iron Maiden

hmmm.... I reckon it's been over twenty years since I brought an Iron Maiden Album.

Just brought 'Number of the Beast' and 'Powerslave' on CD. I had some old Maiden vinyl and cassettes once upon a time but much of my Maiden collection was cassettes copied from friends at the time. By the time I actually got round to seeing Maiden in the late 80's (The Seventh Tour of The Seventh Tour - which was around the time of Can I Play With Madness topping the charts) I had already largely grown out of Iron Maiden. I will admit to still liking their early stuff though. No one can say they didn't produce some classic metal tracks back in the day :p

Anyway, somehow lacking *any* Maiden on CD I thought I'd start picking up some choice CDs. Number of the Beast was the first Maiden album I ever had and I still think it's got a fantastic tracklisting whilst Powerslave has 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' on it which is one of my favourite tracks from them.

Guess I'll see if I still like them when the CDs turn up next week...
Angus Glastonbury

Maple Bee Realisation

Angus is leant new Maple Bee CD 'Home'.

Angus is told it's KatieJane Garside's little sister (KatieJane of Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena fame).

Angus thinks he owns another of KatieJane's sisters albums.

Angus listens to Maple Bee.

Angus recognises voice.

One quick wikipedia search later and Angus has it confirmed that Maple Bee is actually Melanie Garside whose Fossil CD (circa 1996) is one of his most played CDs.

Angus is pleased he has now discovered Maple Bee :)

Maple Bee - The Messenger