January 16th, 2009

Old Friend


So the current question is "Do I really want to see Twilight and/or Defiance tomorrow?".

Or should I spend my morning doing other things that need doing?

Both films intrigue me for different reasons but I'm not entirely sure I really want to see either of them at the cinema.

Has anyone seen one? the other? Both?

What did you think? Worth me checking one of them out?

I know some of you hated Twilight (the larger majority by the sound of things) whilst some of you loved it. I almost went and saw it a couple of weeks ago but decided against it at the last minute for some reason.

Alternatively I could just have a nice restful lie-in. Something I've not done for a long old time.

I'll pop back here when I wake tomorrow and see if they is any concensus and then make my mind up.

Night night people!
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