January 17th, 2009

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Cambridge University Tursn 800

Happy 800th Anniversary goes out to Cambridge University this year!

It was founded in 1209 after a group of Oxford university academics fled Oxford to the old Roman trading town of Cambridge after a dispute with Oxford townsfolk - thus starting the long tradition of rivalry between the two universities.

Cambridge has, however, produced more Nobel Prize winners than any other university.

Anyway, 800 years is a good old age. Congratulations Cambridge and I hope you have a great year of cleberation... just try not to drink too much ok?

University Marks It's 800th Year (BBC News; Satutrday 17th January 2009)
Old Friend

Life on Mars...

Saw this on the Daily Mash and was amused:

(and I'm allowed to take the piss out of the French as I'm half French so that makes it's perfectly ok...ok? :p)

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Old Friend


Angus wishes he remembered - or even knew - many of his old friends surnames from @1988-96 so he could try and track them down on Facebook.

Had some success at detective work this week and rediscoveed a few old friends - and it's been fun catching up, even if a number of them do seem very settled with kids now...

Surnames is the crunch though. Most of the people I knew as friends outside of school or at clubs/pubs I really only knew their first names... and then that's not even considering the girls who I knew who have now chaned their surnames because they are married! How can I track them down now!!! Actually, Friends Reunited has helped a little with that problem as they list people under their Maiden names and then give there new married name if they have one so it's slightly easier to refind some old school friends.

All good fun .... but I can't help thinking I should be trying to get inspiration to do some more writing this afternoon... but that's plainly not seeming to be happening today.