January 20th, 2009

Sisters of Mercy

Sisters of Mercy Tour

2009 April 08 Leeds United Kingdom Academy

2009 April 09 London United Kingdom Forum

Will post other European dates later when I'm home but thought a few people may be interested in the above.

A large part of me wants to see them again because they are 'The Sisters' but the last gig of theres from a couple of years ago (or so) is still pretty fresh in my memory... on the plus side they couldn't be any worse now than they were then can they? Plus at their height they were one of the best live bands I'd seen.

I just hope they actually put some effort in and Eldritch 'sings' insteads of getting the sound engineers to muffle his voice... grrr....

Guess I'll see how much the tickets will cost.

EDIT: London tickets are £22.00 plus booking fee.
Sisters of Mercy

Rival Sisters Gig? :p

Angus is wondering if it'd be amusing to see if he could get The Sisters of Murphy to play at the Bull & Gate (the pub next to The Forum) on the night The Sisters are playing The Forum for all those disgruntled with von Eldritch's piss poor performances but who still want to hear the cracking back catalogue live?

Who'd be up for that if it could be swung?

Cubicle 7

RPGNow Problem?

Is anyone else having problems with the RPGNow site at the moment?

I just tried going there to send out a PDF for a new Starblazer Adventures Pre-Order customer and I got a page saying "Apache 2 Test Page"?

Can someone else who uses the site please double check and let me know if it's a problem I'm having or something more wide spread?

Many thanks,