February 11th, 2009

Angus Glastonbury

10 Thoughts from this evening... Wednesday 11th February 2009 Edition

1. Oh well, if England have to loose a game it's best to loose in a friendly against the European Champions I guess. 2-0 to Spain.

2. More iTunes madness. Tracks found downloaded on to my machine today are:

          Disturbia by Rhianna
          New Years Day by Bedouin Soundclash
          Rockstar by Nickelback
          Umbrella by Manic Street Preachers

3. Still, I avoided also buying the Disturbia video from iTunes. I think that's probably only a mater of time though. Plus, now I know you can buy individual videos off iTunes there might be some other temptations there. Damn it.

4. Received 'Joy Division' DVD in the post today. It's a documentary that came out last year about the band - including rare and never-seen-before footage of the band and interviews with many of the people surrounding them and the surviving members themselves. Really looking forward to watching it.

5. I might (re: probably) be working at Glastonbury Festival this year. Four hours a day, staff camping (and showers and toilets!!!!) plus some money towards food and travel. The rest of the time is my own to enjoy the bands and other entertainment. The more I think of this the more I am certain I'm going to do it. It means I'll miss some of the bands because of work (and one headline slot as one of the shifts is probably 8pm-midnight - but hopefully that's the day that Blur and Madness are playing - if they play - and not Depeche Mode - if they play). Alternativily I hope I'm posted by a stage where I want to see the bands anyway :p But working there will save me the £180+ festival ticket and actually subsidise my otehr festival related expenses :)

6. I'm also going to see about getting to Reading Festival this year. I haven't been for a couple of years and feel it should be back on my calendar. Although I've also seen that Linkin Park are headlining  Sonisphere at Knedbworth House (with Metallica the other night - but less worried about them as I've seen them loads and haven't rated them since the Black album).

7. I have the day off tomorrow! It will consist of lots of Cubicle 7 and Dragonmeet SouthWest work plus contacting Estate Agents setting up house visits for dave and myself next week.

8. I'm also in two minds about having a treat tomorrow. I'd like to do something on my day off other than stay at home and work all day. Options are either going to see Frost/Nixon at the cinema around midday or going to The Sluts pubmeet in Camden in the evening.

9. Note to self - If I'm going out remember to pop into the local Army Surplus/Camping store and pick up the boots they have for you.

10. That's it really. Can't think of a tenth thing to write right now. My back aches and I'm going to have an early night and read a bit I think. see ya!
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