February 14th, 2009

Once More With Sauce


I think I'm now going to go to sleep tonight and have some very happy dreams :p


BATMAN last night urged lesbian superhero Batwoman to do it with Catwoman.

'If anyone's interested, I also have plenty of bat lotion' said the Dark Knight
The Caped Crusader has told his bat-colleague that he reckons the feline super-villain is also a lesbian or, at the very least, bat-curious.

He said: "It's really just a bat suggestion at this stage, but if they both like the idea then I'd be happy to let them use the bat cave.

"Yes, I will be there, but not in any official capacity. I imagine Albert and I will just be pottering about in the background, testing things and adjusting the knobs on our bat equipment.

"That said, if the girls did want me to watch them then I'm sure that would also be okay. And I do have my bat camcorder if anyone wanted me to make a bat souvenir video, for instance.

"And, again, just trying to help, but if they wanted to borrow my utility belt that's cool. There's some things on there which I've never actually used and I'd be fascinated to see what they do."

The Dark Knight added: "It's really just a professional get together with a nice bottle of cava, a Kylie Minogue CD and two women in very tight, leather one-piece costumes finding out exactly how much they have in common.

"And if the girls don't mind I'd also like to take a photo of them soaping each other and then beam it into the night sky above Gotham City. Very tasteful, nothing sleazy."

Old Friend

Battlefront Miniatures buy Wargames Illustrated

Battlefront Miniatures - who produce the excellent Flames of War WW2 miniatures game have brought Wargames Illustrated - a long running and market leading British historical miniature wargames magazine.

I've known Duncan (Macfarlane) who founded and editted the magazine for probably the best part of 22 years (he used to work on Miniature Wargames magazine before going his own way and setting up Wargames Illustrated). I was surprised to hear of the announcement, and will miss Duncan's monthly visits to the store as he usually hand delivered our consignments as an excuse to have a look round the shop and pick up a game or two, but I am certainly eager to see what Battlefront bring to the magazine. They will be included some Flames of War content (which apparently will be included in some of the additional pages they will be adding to the mag) but will be carrying on supporting the entrie historical miniatures hobby and all era's therein.

I know some of you are big fans of Flames of War and/or historical minature gaming so thought I'd post the news and the press release for you.

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Old Friend

Fading Suns LARP

I received an email from a guy called Mark Oxley who is setting up a Fading Suns LARP in London as part of a university project - and is blogging about the process.

If you're interested in joining the game, or just following his steps, please check out his blog "The Iron Phoenix LARP Challenge".

Mark will probably be at Gamesforce tomorrow in London (playing some games and also handing out some flyers for the LARP) if anyone would like to catch him there.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!

Angus out.

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