February 16th, 2009

Old Friend

Rumour of the Day

A couple of people came up to me today to ask if I was really moving to America. Apparently they'd heard I was.

Whilst I would desperately love to live abroad at somepoint again - and for the first time in my adult life - that's not where I'm heading.

Plus if I were to move to the States I've no idea where I'd actually go and live. I have friends in so many different areas of the country it would be really tricky - Seattle, Madison, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago...? Just to name a few.

My gut instinct would be Seattle (as I've lived in the vicinity before, have family there and know a ton of people there) or Madison (as I have some people I consider really good friends there even if I don't get to see them much). Although there is a major arguement for me to be in LA for a number of reasons - and I have grown fond of sun and warmth over the last few years.