March 5th, 2009

Old Friend

Last Day of Packing...

Today is the last day of packing. Tomorrow at 7am the removal men turn up and cart off all me belongings to pastures new.

I'm going to drop a suitcase of clothes and my computer at my Mums later as I'll be crashing there for part of this month while I'm still working in London. The only time I'll be at the new flat after this weekend for a couple of weeks is a couple fo Tuesday nights time as I have a meeting in Cardiff with the BBC the next day and the new place is decidely closer to Cardiff than London is.

Anyway, I've already packed several boxes of books this morning but at 8.30am my stomach is telling me to go and get something to eat - so I'm popping out to the local greasy spoon for brekkie and then it's back on with packing. I really, really, doubt I'll be making the Watchmen Preview this evening but nevermind - it'll be on for several weeks and I'll have a lot more time to see it whilst I'm a nomad in London.

This may also be my last LJ post for several days. I may try and update from my iPhone once we've moved in but I won't have an internet connection at the new flat (plus my computer will still be in London at my Mums). So you might not hear from me until Monday when I'm back at work. I will probably still be updating Twitter and my Facebook Status though if you're really so desperate to keep track of updates :p

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great few days until we pass like electronic ships in the night again.

I'm off for a fry up...
Old Friend

Angus Unplugged

Ok, time to switch the computer off and get it up to my mothers.

I should still have posting access via the iPhone and at work but I don't know how often I'm going to be able to read my friends page so if anything important happens please email/text me or leave a comment.

Take care, Angus