March 24th, 2009

Old Friend

SALUTE this weekend

Britains largest Wargames convention is taking place this Saturday at ExCel in London Docklands.
Leisure Games has a stand down there and I'll also be working the show.
But not for Leisure Games.
I'll be working on the Chessex booth (one of the worlds biggest and best dice manufacturers).
So if you're at the show please drop by both stands and say hi to the LG team and also me and the Chessex boys :)

Old Friend

Job Offers

I received two job offers/enquiries yesterday.
One UK based, the other meaning I'd be relocated to the States.
I already have my next job sorted but it's very nice to know that I have/had options should anything go wrong.
If the US job had been offered a few months ago though I'd have leapt at it.
I'm on record as wanting to live abroad again at somepoint and the company that was interested is one I'd love to work with.
Anyway, on with the job at hand.
Catch you later LJ!

Angus Glastonbury

Leisure Games Announcement

Hi guys,

Just posted this over on the leisuregames  blog along with this weeks New Releases so thought I'd copy it here too.

It briefly mentions what I'm leaving to go and do. More information will be available in a Press Release in April.


Hi all,

Below you'll find our latest New Releases list for the coming week.

I also wanted to drop a little note to you to let you know that I will be leaving Leisure Games at the end of this week after 23 years either part- or full-time here.

I've had a great time here over the years and wanted to thank all of you for supporting the shop. We exist because of you and that's something that none of us here ever take for granted.

It's with a lot of sadness that I'm leaving the shop but Mike, Sean, David and Kara (our new staff member) will keep the flags flying and will be at the end of the phone or email to ably assist you.

I'm leaving the company to go fulltime with my publishing company - Cubicle 7 Entertainment. Some of you will already have been aware that I've been involved in publishing for a while. Cubicle 7 has now got to a point where we need to dedicate more time to our commitments there and we have managed to acquire the financial support and investment we needed in order to make it a fulltime venture.

So many thanks again for all your support and I hope you carry on enjoying this fantastic hobby for many years to come.

Best wishes,

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