June 20th, 2009

Old Friend

A Working Saturday...

Been in the office since 10am sorting out various bits and pieces and updating the Cubicle 7 Web Store with a load of new products coming out in August and September.

Have to wrap up soon though as I need to get into London as I have dinner with the Mothership this evening and then Gameforce tomorrow :)

Cubicle 7

Cubicle 7 New Releases - July through September 2009

New Releases


CB7201 Victoriana Main Rulebook (Hardcover) $49.95

CB7701 Starblazer Adventures Main Rulebook (Hardcover) $49.95





CB7202 Faulkner’s Millinery and Miscellanea (Victoriana Sourcebook) $29.95

CB7204 Marylebone Mummy (Victoriana Adventure) $14.95

CB7350 Cthulhu Britannica (Call of Cthulhu Adventure Anthology) $29.95

CB7401 QIN: The Warring States Main Rulebook (Hardcover) $44.95

CB7402 QIN Game Master’s Screen $14.95

CB7403 QIN: Legends $9.95

CB7702 Starblazer Story Teller’s Screen $14.95




CB7205 Victoriana Game Master’s Screen $14.95

CB75000 Mars: Savage Worlds Edition (Hardcover) (with Adamant Entertainment) $34.95

CB75100 100 Sci-Fi Adventure Seeds (with Postmortem Studios) $24.95

CB75200 Houses of the Blooded Main Rulebook (with Wicked Dead Brewing Company) $44.95