August 19th, 2009

Old Friend

(Trailers) Zombieland, Legion and Dorian Gray

Here's a few trailers I've caught recently that I thought I'd share.

First up is 'Zombieland'. I caught this trailer in the States at the weekend when I went to see 'District 9' (which was very good btw). I'll definetly go and see this when it comes out at the cinema...



Everyone likes a good War in Heaven. Personal;ly, 'The Porphecy' with Erik Stolze and Christopher Walken is one of my favourite films. Legion is another trailer I saw in the States and ups the octane level on the battling angels/end of days take on things.
The trailer I saw in the States was shorter than this but doesn't appear online at present, so here is the longer teaser trailer.


...and this is a MUST SEE when it comes out next month.

Dorian Gray