September 17th, 2009

Old Friend

San Diego Comic-Con 2010

I've managed to pre-book a four day pass (plus preview night) for San Diego Comic-Con 2010 next July.

I've never been to the show before but have long wanted to.

The next step is get Cubicle 7 on the waiting list so we can have a stand there one day. I have heard horror stories of a 3-5 year waiting list for stands, but we'll see. For now I'm just over the moon that I finally get a chance to attend, meet people and see all the cool stuff on show (or atleast some of the cool stuff on show as I'm sure I won't get the chance to see all of it as it's a very big show and there are so many seminars, panels, advance screenings, etc that I won't be able to fit everything in to my schedule.