December 16th, 2009

Old Friend

Flatmate Needed - Swindon

I'm going to be needing a new flatmate in late February/early March. I have a great flat here in Swindon and really don't want to move out. If anyone is interested in living in Swindon - or knows someone looking for a place in Swindon - please let me know!
Old Friend

Destination: London then Destination: Belgrade

Right, finally got my festive plans sorted out.

I'm going to be in London from 24th December through to the early hours of the 29th December. Most of this is over the bank holiday period so will probably largely consist of family stuff but hopefully a cinema trip or two as well.

Then at 6am (way too early) I fly from Heathrow to Belgrade over in Serbia (via Zurich) to spend just over a week (and News Year Eve!) with Jasmina and her family and friends. Haven't seen Jasmina for over a year now so really looking forward to catching up - and also spending another New Year out of the country as I've not done that for a while!

I return to the UK on the evening of Thursday 7th January and will probably be back in the office on the Friday :p

Yay for Festive Holidays!