February 19th, 2010

Goth Angus

Ghost Dance

Heading over to London this evening to see Anne-Marie Hurst (lead singer of Ghost Dance and The Skeletal Family) return to the London stage after what must be about 20-21 years. I think the last time I saw Ghost Dance was back in 1989 and boy have I missed them since.

They were the first ever Goth band I saw live in concert (ok, not entirely true - they were headlining the first ever Goth gig I went to - supported by the fantastic Rose of Avalanche and the not so good Ides of March) and I was lucky enough to catch them two or three times before they split up.

Tonight is a gig I never really thought I'd ever see happen. Whilst not a true 'Ghost Dance' reunion, she will be covering many of their tracks, along with the earlier Skeletal Family ones.

Can't wait. London Scala here I come! :)