February 23rd, 2010

Old Friend

Cubicle 7 – Cakebread & Walton Announce Clockwork & Chivalry

Cubicle 7 - Cakebread & Walton announce "Clockwork & Chivalry" - http://tinyurl.com/yh8n3r6

(For the full press release please follow the link, but here's a bit of info on the game...)

About Clockwork & Chivalry
Magick and Clockwork battle for supremacy in a world turned upside down!

The Seventeenth Century is a time of romantic Cavaliers and dour Puritans, religious strife and political upheaval. England, a land riddled with hunger, pestilence and superstition, is gripped by Civil War. A multitude of competing factions struggle to survive. The King has been executed and Cromwell has usurped power. But in this richly-imagined alternate history, the conflict continues. Two great armies lay waste to the country, the Royalists aided by fearsome Alchemical magicks, the Roundheads by mighty Clockwork death-machines.

Old beliefs are crumbling and the future is up for grabs. With a heart filled with Righteousness and a cause worth fighting for, you enter the maelstrom. Adventure in a detailed and vibrant setting, powered by Mongoose Publishing’s RuneQuest II system.