September 25th, 2010

Old Friend

London Bound...

Right, I'm actually going to be in London for the next TWO weekends. I have a few things on but also (for a change) have some spare time too :)

Schedule is currently as follows:

Thursday 30th September
Brand Licensing Show - London Olympia - all day + evening meal/meeting

Friday 1st October
AM - Opticians
PM - Tower of London Trip (TBC - one of my sisters is working there atm :p)
EVE - Drinks .... question is whether I go to The Big Red on Holloway Road or The Catcher on the Rye in Finchley. This partially depends on who is actually around next Friday. Also *possibly* a trip to Inferno afterwards if people are about and I'm not too knackerd being a southern lightweight :p

Saturday 2nd October
AM - Possible cinema trip in North Finchley (I'll update once I know what's on) followed by possible lunch.
PM - Not sure, possibly just chilling between AM and EVE events.
EVE - Anne Marie Hurst (Ghost Dance/Skeletal Family) gig at Slimelight. I very much doubt I'll be staying on for Slimelight though as I won't be fooled in to thinking I'll actually enjoy it. Of course that might change after a few pints and then leave me cursing after I've missed the last train and realise I have to bus it back to Barnet or stay the night there...

Sunday 3rd October
AM - Wake up
PM - Board gaming with some friends.
EVE - Return to Swindon.

Saturday 9th October
AM/PM - GameCamp 3: BoardGameCamp ( as part of the London Games Festival 2010 where I'm guesting.
EVE - Not sure; Probably drinks with some of the above attendees.

Sunday 10th October
PM - Gameforce: London (gameforce )
EVE - Return to Swindon

So, any of you at any of the above or fancy drinks on Friday 1st October?
Old Friend

Gameforce: London - Sunday 10th October 2010

The GameForce Network Presents:

Next London Meet: Sunday 10th October (And every second Sunday of the month)
Time: noon to 7.00pm
Venue: The Old Star, 66 Broadway, Westminster, SW1H 0DB -
Price: Free!
Nearest Underground: St. James's Park (Circle & District) (The pub is immediately across the street from St. James's Park Tube Station, - Park & Broadway Exit)
Games Played: RPGs, Board and Card Games, TMG and CCGs

GameForce: London is a Central London games club catering for Board & Card Gamers, Roleplayers and CCG/TMG players!

Taking placing every second Sunday of the month the club aims to provide a regular meeting place for gamers and a friednly environment to play games both familiar and unfamiliar.

The Old Star has a full menu of food and snacks available.

For further information please contact Angus Abranson on or phone 07834 281383 (9.30am to 6pm) or join the Gameforce Community on Livejournal -

Alternatively join the Gameforce Yahoo Group by sending an email to

Grab a game and come and play!!!

Future Dates:
14th November
12th December

Angus Abranson
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd
Publishers of SLA Industries, Victoriana, Starblazer Adventures, QIN:
The Warring States and the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game