February 1st, 2012

Angus Glastonbury

Top Bands - January 2012

My previous run of recording the bands I most listen to each month fell by the wayside last year - partially due to time but mainly due to my computer dying so I couldn't upload my playlists to LastFM. Well, we're a month in on the new year and I've decided to relaunch my Top 50 looking back at the music I listened to most over the last month. The 'Last Month' positions shown here actually refer to sometime last summer before my then home PC died.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up for the remainder of the year this time!

Top 50 Bands – January 2012

Position Last Month Band

1                 1↔       Conjure One

2                  NE        Florence & The Machine

3                  NE        The Black Keys

4                  RE        The Mission

5                  NE        The Naked And Famous

6                  NE        DJ Food

7                 30↑       Fields of the Nephilim

8                 25↑       Melanie Garside

9                  3↓        Innerpartysystem

10               27↑       Warpaint

Collapse )


New Entries = 11 (Highest = 2 Florence & The Machine)

Re-Entries = 10 (Highest = 4 The Mission)