May 1st, 2012

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Top Bands - April 2012

April was a mixed bag for my music tastes, as the diversity of the below Top 50 shows. I discovered Lana Del Rey and Skrillex over the course of the month which explains their new entries. I also finally downloaded a copy of Fleetwood Macs "Tango In The Night" after giving up the search for the physical CD I have in a box somewhere, so it was no surprise to see them enter the charts for the first time. The other two New Entries are both bands I've listened to for years - the brilliant, but underrated, Dream City Film Club and Juno Reactor (who will be familiar to anyone who's seen the Matrix movies).

The below are the bands I've listend to most in April on iTunes or my iPod. Inspiration, downtime, or just to keep me company whilst I work. This list made up a large part of my soundtrack over the last 30 days...

Top 50 Bands – March 2012

Position Last Month Band

1       1↔       Conjure One
2       20↑       Enigma
3       2↓         Mind.In.A.Box
4       28↑       Nine Inch Nails
5       5↔       In Strict Confidence
6       21↑       Maple Bee
7       3↓         The Sisters of Mercy
8       4↓         Pink Floyd
9       NE         Lana Del Rey
10     RE         Chicane

Collapse )

New Entries = 5 (Highest = 9 Lana Del Rey) (-3 from last month)
Re-Entries = 5 (Highest = 10 Chicane) (+/-0 from last month)

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