June 28th, 2012

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GIG 052: Something Happens / Giant International - The Marquee 03/05/90

GIG 052: Something Happens / Giant International - The Marquee 03/05/90
We'd seen Irish band Something Happens supporting The Mission and had enjoiyed them so when they announced a date at The Marquee Nick, Mike and myself found ourselves in London on a Thursday evening :p

Something Happens very pretty big in Ireland, but didn't get the attention they deserved in the UK. They went on to play some larger venues (I caught them at the Town & Country Club atleast once after this) and the album "Stuck Together With Gods Glue" (which this date was a preview of I think) was a brilliant album which got a lot of critical acclaim (the NME named one of the singles from the album, Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Petrol, in their Top 40 singles of the year).

Support came in the form of Giant International, whom we'd seen a number of times and were always good fun. Something Happens were brilliany on the night :)

Price: Unknown

900503 Something Happens
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GIG 053: Metallica / Warrior Soul - Wembley Arena 23/05/90

GIG 053: Metallica / Warrior Soul - Wembley Arena 23/05/90
This was the tail end of the 'Justice For All World Tour', which was one of Metallica's best albums (although my favourite is their Black album that came out a few years later). I'd been in to Metallica during their Master of Puppets days and had been drifting away from them and more into goth and what would become industrial/EBM for a little while. But myself and Warhammer buddy Nik went to see them play Wembley and they were brilliant. Highlights of the night for me were certainly One and Justice For All. We also bumped in to Matt, Jackie, Souxsie and a few others at the gig, which considering the size of the place was an achievement in itself :p

Support came in the form of Warrior Soul.

Price: £11.00

900523 Metallica
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GIG 054: Ugly As Sin / Ship of Fools - The Marquee 04/06/90

GIG 054: Ugle As Sin / Ship of Fools - The Marquee 04/06/90
Ugly As Sin were actually one of my favourite bands around this time. I used to play the Pain 7" on repeat at home, and it remains one of my favourite songs today. I've no idea what happened to them as they seemed to vanish after producing their first album "The Good The Bad & The Ugly" and I don't believe they really achieved any success at all, which was a real shame.

This was definetly one of my favourite gigs of 1990. They completely blew me away live and I'm so pleased I managed to catch them this one time (but quite sad it was never to be repeated).

Support came in the form of Ship of Fools (whom I'd seen earlier in the year as the opening act for And The Generals Ran Forever - GIG 049) who were once again pretty good.

In addition to seeing Ugly As Sin Mike and myself spotted that The Marquee was selling tickets for a gig later that week for a new American band we'd heard quite a bit about in Kerrang called 'The Black Crows'. We'd never actually heard anything by them but the music press was apparently going mad over them and as the tickets were only something like £4 or £5 we decided to take a punt and brought a couple. That'll be covered in the next entry (GIG 055) in a few days time.

Price: £3.00

900604 Ugly As Sin