September 10th, 2014

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#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 24 - Most Complicated RPG Owned

Day 24 – Most Complicated RPG Owned
I’m not one for ‘complicated’ RPGs as I prefer the systems to be more ‘in the background’, ‘free flowing’ and ‘unobtrusive’ leaving the focus on the story and the characters decisions and interactions.

I seriously considered selecting ‘Rolemaster’ in this category but ended up going for ‘Tribe 8’ by Dream Pod 9. It was a fantastic setting and background story but the mechanics that the game came with just didn’t encourage us to actually play the game. It’s a real shame as, at the time, we were really keen on it because the story and the artwork invoked loads of ideas and we soaked up the ‘background’ elements of the core rulebook and the supplements that they released for it. I still have an entire set of the books and would love to have another look at them at somepoint when I have enough time (and a group to play it with) to convert the game to a different system.

tribe 8
Old Friend

#RPGaDAY in August: DAY 25 - Favourite RPG That No One Else Wants To Play


Day 25 – Favourite RPG That No One Else Wants To Play
I’m pretty sure anything I select here will have people say … “Oh, I’d love to play that – let’s sort something  out!” and also for that matter I don’t actually have a steady RPG group at the moment so I could pretty much say anything as that’d fit this category ;p

That said, I’m just going to go for a game that I’d love to ‘play’ but doubt I ever will – and not necessarily because I couldn’t find players. I’ve always fancied playing Ars Magica (currently published by Atlas Games but I’ve had most of the editions and supplements since the old Lion Rampant days back in the late 80’s).

I not only love the setting (12th/13th Century Europe with a heavy dose of the mythic) but also the way you ‘create’ your party. Basically the game centres around a group of Magi who belong to ‘The Order of Hermes’ and live/work together as a Covenant in a stronghold. Alongside the Magi themselves the Covenant also contains various ‘mundane’ followers and assistants who help the Wizards. These fall into two categories – the ‘Comnpanions’ (who are fairly skilled in specific areas) and ‘Grogs’ (lesser skilled peasants). When you create your character you actually create a Wizard and a Companion which you’ll interchange as your character in any given story as well as a selection of Grogs (along with the other players) which are ‘pooled’ as such so that any one can play any Grog in any given story instead of their primary Wizard/Companion. So you end up with a pool of characters that will appear and be played at various points during the campaign.

I really liked (and still like) the idea of a ‘pool of characters’ to choose from as well as the different skill/power levels of each of the character choices. But, as yet, have not managed to play a game of it.

ars magica