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A proper update (sans quizzes)

I thought I'd do a proper update as my last pot of the night. Apologies for the quiz deluge today. Seems to have been an upsurge today and I ended up doing them at different times as I came across interesting ones in friends journals - I should really have saved them and just stuck them all behind a cut. I'll try to do so in future when there's bundles of them.

Today at work was alright. Standard Tuesday really - lots of swebsite updating and placing orders by Angus. I did manage to knck off slightly early though (5pm!) as I was meeting Nicole in Leicester Square to treat her to a birthday meal and have a catch up chat. I haven't seen her since Dave's birthday back in November and her own birthday was before that which I couldn't make (naughty Angus).

Anyway, we had a nice Chinese in Soho and then decamped to a local pub where we chatted and watch Burnley beat Liverpool 1-0 much to Nicole's delight (she's an Everton fan so very anti-Liverpool).

Now back at home. Have the day off tomorrow (yay!) but have a few things to do (have to get to Stargreen to pick up some concert tickets, Waterloo for my Eurostar ticket and also to Camden for some graphic novels). Am hopefully seeing Vanity Fair again tomorrow with drinks/food mixed in somewhere.

Am probably out Thursday too at present. Friday may be Synthetic Culture if I can figure out an easy route to get there (York Road has been partially demolished so no direct route from Kings Cross. Caledonian Road or Camden seem to be options). Saturday is Dave's leaving bash. Sunday should be work. Then it's next week already (which will include the Pop Will Eat Itself gig!!!! Yay!!!!).

Anyway, night night folks. Sleep well and dream carefully.


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Jan. 19th, 2005 12:26 am (UTC)
The free shuttle bus from stop G outside kings Cross is still going so getting there will be OK.
Jan. 19th, 2005 01:23 am (UTC)
Pop will eat itself
AARch, wanna see them too!
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