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Not very nice reading for poor Mr Bush and government, nor for the American people in general. Over half of the world's population feel less safe since his re-election and 47% sees the US influence on the world as largely negative and views Americans negatively as well mainly because of re-electing him.

Out of 21 countries polled none supported having their troops in Iraq, only three felt the world was safer with Bush's re-election (Poland, India and the Philippines). Most negative feelings were found in Western Europe, Latin America and Muslim countries with traditional US allies including Germany, France, Britain and Italy featuring high on the list as well as both of the US's neighbours Mexico and Canada,

Global Poll Slams Bush Leadership (BBC News On-Line; Wednesday 19th January 2005)

...and in other news The Terminator has 'Terminated'  for the first time since his election in california Schwarzenegger Allows Execution (BBC News On-Line; Wednesday 19th January 2005)


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Jan. 19th, 2005 05:52 pm (UTC)
Polls Are Crap
While I believe very strongly that most polls are crap and don't really reflect anything, this one even admits it:

"Another surprise was India's support for Mr Bush. The poll found 62% believed his administration was positive for global security.

The BBC's Nick Bryant says the reason for this may be because the poll was carried out in cities where people have benefited economically from closer trade ties with the US."

It talks about methodology a little farther on. Do 500 to 1800 people willing to spend time talking to strangers conducting a poll really represent the opinions of an entire country?

The world has over 6 billion people in 237 countries. Why should we think the opinions of 21 thousand people in about 20 countries really represent what's going on?

Polls just give pundits and reporters something to write about. They don't necessarily reflect reality.
Jan. 20th, 2005 01:21 am (UTC)
Re: Polls Are Crap
True. Polls can lie (and have done so in the past even with quoted margins of error). I also probably hang around with too many lefty-hippy-commies as well so the fact that I don't know a single person here in the UK/Europe who thinks Bush is a worthwhile and sensible leader is also probably biased.
Luckily though most people I know don't equate Bush's actions and attitudes to the American public. Just as Blair's actions/opinions here in the UK aren't the same as the British publics feelings.
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