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Paris Here I Come! (and other tales of expense)

Well I did manage to pop down to Waterloo today and book my Eurostar tickets. I'm arriving in Paris around 10.30am on Friday 4th March and getting back into the UK late on Sunday afternoon. Personally I can't wait to be in Paris again and have already confirmed that Delphine will be coming up for a couple of days. Alexander may come up with her which would be nice as I've only ever spoken to him and have never met him in person. I also now have to contact a couple of the companies I'm working with in Paris to see if they fancy meeting up for a few hours and possibly treat me to some good French cuisine :-p

I failed to get to any comic shops today as I wanted to come back home and have a quick shave and shower before heading back into town again this evening. I also failed on my quest to prebook Nine Inch Nails tickets. Both The Astoria and Stargreen don't know how many (or even if) they will be allotted any. Any they have will be going on sale on Saturday morning and I'm pulling a few strings on friday night to see if I can secure any then. I HAVE TO SEE NINE INCH NAILS AT THE ASTORIA!!!!!!!!!

I did pick up my Rammstein and PWEI tickets though.

I also popped into HMV and brought a couple of Nightwish CDs along with Babylon 5 Seasons 3 + 4, Girl With A Pearl Earring and GOTH: The Ultimate Collection on DVD. The GOTH collection has 55 videos on it plus 12 audio tracks and, whilst I would certainly debate the gothness of a number of the bands on it (Die Krupps, Clock DVA, Chemlab and Front Line Assembly for example :p), the line up does look like it should be an interesting mix.

Anyway, gotta go and check the water level and then have a nice soak. Chat to you all soon and if anyone knows how to get a guaranteed ticket for NIN please let me know. Pretty please? Also, any other tour dates in the UK or Europe could be interesting.

Ta Ta!

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