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Songs in The Key of Z

In our continuing quest to listen to at least one utterly appalling CD a week at work we have turned our attention to this little gem....

Songs In The Key of Z Vols 1 & 2

The only problem is I'm not finding it totally appalling. It is great in a really screwed up, out of tune, and amusing way. This double CD set has 39 tracks from such well known artists as The Shaggs, Jack Murdurian, BJ Snowden, Thoth and Bingo Gazingo & My Robot Friends. I only recognise one artist on the whole thing which is Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band.

Some of the tracks actually sound like they could be from the Indie scene today, even though the music is dating back decades and then some. I'm almost tempted to buy myself a copy. But then I should really be shot. Painfully.

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