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I don't know if this works for people without LJ Paid Accounts but it's certainly an interesting function for Paid Memers. Go to your Friends pag and basically type in an additional 'friends' after the one already in the URL so it looks like this

This will generate a list of all of your Friends Friends LJs (not duplicating those you are already friends with). I've been using it on and off since I got a Paid Account and have found some interesting stuff up there - it's also how I found out about the BBC News feed. I also discovered today that we can actually reply to the news feed and start up conversations about the topics which will no doubt now consume much of my ranting time. This was discovered by accident I think as none of the feed posts had a single comment until this evening and the one about Bush's 'liberty agenda' provoked a response or two :-p

Anyway, this evenings 'staying in' has worked very well. I feel relaxed at home for the first time in ages and may even try and get on with some writing later after I've tried to clear some of the backlog of emails which have built up.

Tomorrow night I think I'll also be staying at home and then it's the hunt for the NIN tickets on Saturday morning and Dave's goodbye drink in the evening.

This week has been very good. I've had some great company, great chats and saw one great and one not so great film on the Silver Screen. 2005 is definetly pleasing so far. May it continue for another 49 weeks.

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