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The Interrogation Part II

Questions provided by riksowden 

The Rules
If you want to be asked some questions pop a comment in here and ask, i'll ask you 5 questions which you then answer and pop in your LJ, and put this offer up...

 1- What do you love about Roleplay so much that you'd make it into your career as well as your hobby?


The creativity and the storytelling. I love games in general and designed loads of little boardgames between the ages of 5 and 15. I’ve also enjoyed writing and telling stories ever since I can remember so when I came across roleplaying games it felt very natural and incredibly fun – almost twenty years later I’m still very much in love and awe with the whole concept. A good game is like a good book or film. It’s something that you really enjoy and will remember for ever. I also love the social aspect of gaming – being able to have fun with a group of friends, the way games make you have to think to resolve problems/get out of situations/etc, and also the fact that it can be a very cheap evening in without watching the telly ;-p


As far as making a career out of games. From the retail side of things I love being able to work in an arm of the entertainment industry and an arm that I’ve loved ever since being a kid at that. I love being in touch with what’s going on within the industry (the news, gossip, rumours, events, etc) and seeing everything it has to offer. The downside is that I end up buying too many games a lot of which I don’t actually get a chance to read properly or play. I’m an ideas whore. I love to immerse myself with ideas.


From the writer/publisher side of me – I love to be able to both support the industry I’ve grown up in and support many talented writers and artists by supplying them work. I really do think that the industry can, and will, grow and I also believe very strongly that there is a lot of talent out there which hasn’t been discovered but deserves to be – even if it’s just a launch pad for them to move on to bigger and better things. I also love writing and creating stories and backgrounds.


2- You are given 24 hours where you can do whatever you like, without any come-back and no consequences. What do you do?


I’d get all of my friends (past and present) together and have one hell of a party. Without any comeback or consequences it wouldn’t matter if ‘x’ doesn’t talk to ‘y’ or that ‘z’ now hates ‘r’, etc. All of the petty (and not so petty) problems wouldn’t matter. Everyone could be friends again and just enjoy that companionship of friendship and have fun.



3- What is your most fond memory?


That’s a hard one to answer. I have a lot of very fond memories. Many of them involve Delphine (an ex-girlfriend of mine) but that is hardly surprising consider a) she was brilliant and incredibly funny and b) we spent almost five years of our life together. Two of my fondest memories with Delphine would be going to Glastonbury (the town – although I also have some fun memories of going to the festival with her) for a weekend away and also the trips to the Alps we made with her family. I loved the peacefulness of both places and would certainly love to go walking in the Alps again. Other fond memories would include my family, friends and clubbing.



4- If you could live anywhere, where would it be?


Again another hard question. Damn you Rik! If I could live anywhere it would in a tailor-made Paradise of Angus. I’d design the world myself and would make it an eclectic mix of thumbing clubs and neon cities surrounded by natural wilderness, open spaces and stunning mountain vistas.

If on the other hand you limited to Earth, which I feel was the intention, then I hate to say it but London is pretty much my ideal city. It has everything you could pretty much ask for and is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world. I love the fact that you can walk down the street and hear such a wide variety of languages and see such a variation of races and cultures. I’d love to be able to travel around the world more, settling down for a few months or years in various places, but realistically that’s not going to happen. I’d loved to have lived in France if things were different but would also liked to have tried Prague and Brazil. The only other places that I feel even remotely drawn to in the UK would be Bath (because it is so beautiful) and Norwich (because I was born near there).



5- Dusk or dawn? and why?


Probably dawn. I see dusk pretty much every evening and whilst I do love it as much as I do dawn I see dawn less often. Seeing dawn is more special for me as it is rarer. It is when the world starts to wake even though most of humanity of the area are still fast asleep. The world feels more calm, more quiet, without the artificial intrusions and noises of mankinds dependency on the machine. Walking the streets at dawn in the stillness and freshness of the retreating night is definitely a feeling to savor.


Thanks for the questions Rik.


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