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The Interrogation Part III

Questions provided by kit_hartford

The Rules
If you want to be asked some questions pop a comment in here and ask, i'll ask you 5 questions which you then answer and pop in your LJ, and put this offer up...

1) If you could live in any city in the world, which would it be and why


I already live in it – London</st1:place></st1:city>. To quote an earlier response to a similar question…. “London is pretty much my ideal city. It has everything you could pretty much ask for and is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world. I love the fact that you can walk down the street and hear such a wide variety of languages and see such a variation of races and cultures.”

I’d like to give Paris and Prague a try at somepoint too but can’t unfortunately see that happening before I hit retirement or become an incredibly lucky and rich author ;-p



2) What would be your ultimate license for Cubicle 7?


There’s two types of answers here. The first is the ultimate commercial license for Cubicle 7 the other would be the ultimate license that I’d personally love to be able to publish.


Commercially at the moment I’d have to say His Dark Materials would be very high on the list. It would make an ideal RPG and I believe it will become one of the biggest phenomena in the next ten years. It is so much better written than Harry Potter and the ideas it portrays and deals with are explored brilliantly. Saying that if I had a chance to get the Harry Potter license I would too….


Personally there are three licences that I’d love to be able to work with. One of them the company already has (which I’m not allowed to announce at present), the second is one that we may be working on depending on further discussions with the license holders, and the third is the Kult RPG which I have loved ever since it was first translated into English. Two non-game licenses which I’d love to be able to get my grubby mits on are Frank Herbert’s Dune and China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station.



3) Gehenna: cool event or marketing ploy?


I’m personally glad it is happening. The World of Darkness as it stood was being to stagnate and without any real threat or changes taking place it would have suffered a very long drawn out demise. Gehenna is certainly a very good marketing ploy – it instantly creates a demand for an otherwise slow moving back-catalogue of titles and allows the company to relaunch the entire range afresh with the experience of the last 11/12 years. It gives the company a lot of new publicity, helps them redefine there branding and image, etc. As to why it is happening? I think it certainly has a lot more to do with business than it has as a predefined event.



4) Do online computer games herald the end of the paper and pencil RPG industry?


No. People have been saying that the computer games industry will be the death of the traditional pen and paper RPGs for as long as I’ve been playing them (which is almost twenty years). There is no doubt that on-line games will do (and have done for a long time) much better than traditional RPGs. For starters there is more money behind the computer games industry than there ever has been in the RPG industry. This helps in advertising and promotion. On-line games are also useful because you are not reliant on being able to find a group of likeminded people in your area or being able to arrange a suitable time for all involved. You can just sit down, log on, and play. What could be easier?


The one think that on-line games lack in a major way though is the human contact and spontaneity that traditional RPGs offer. You have a group of friends together and it is a very social event. You can have some fun and a joke, take the piss when someone completely screws up, etc. For me having a group of friends around me will always be favourable compared to staring at a screen. I think the human element will always keep the RPG alive. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be willing to invest money into the industry.



5) Black no longer exists. What colors do you wear ;-)


Git. Arrrgggggg….. ummm…. Well my favourite colour (beyond black) is purple but it doesn’t make a good dressing colour for a bloke. I’d probably have to end up mixing and matching clothes. I really can’t see myself being a single-colour man in anything other than black. Honestly, could you imagine me wearing just blue???


Thanks for the questions Chris!


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